Backups and Moving Your Data

The RBD software is open source -- you can always move your site to your own server in the future.

To completely preserve all of your site and data, you need 3 components:

  1. The source code of the application - which will be available to the public on GitHub when the final 2016 version is released.
  2. Any custom files you added, such as uploaded badges, images, PDFs, etc.  (It might be helpful to save all of these in a shared folder on your library network.)
  3. The underlying MySQL database of your site - available via the page.  (You will likely download the most recent backup to use.)

If you wish to migrate your site, we can provide a single archive file that contains all of this data for you.  You can then give that file to your webmaster or IT team for deployment on your own server.  Instructions for migrating Drupal-based applications can be found here: