Changing Header Stuff: Logo, Site Name, Slogan, Sitewide Email Address

1) To change the Site Name (from the default of "Summer Reading 2016!") or the Site Slogan (the tag line under the site name), visit:

Alternative menu path: admin menu > Configuration > System > Site Information.  

The Site Name and Site Slogan fields are visible.

You can also change the sitewide email address here.  This is the "from:" address for any automated messages that the site sends to users, e.g., password resets.

2) To change the site logo from the default placeholder, visit:

Alternative menu path: admin menu > Appearance > Settings > Bookpoints Customizable.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Logo Image Settings" to open the logo field.

Upload a new logo using the upload widget provided.

Save the page for the new logo to take effect.