Customizing the User Signup Forms

  1. Visit as an administrator
    (menu path: Admin menu > Structure > Profile Types)
  2. Click "Manage Fields" next to the program you wish to customize
  3. Enter the LABEL for your new field, such as "Favorite Pizza Topping" or "Last Name."
  4. Pick the type of field you want -- common options include:
    ** Boolean (a checkbox)
    ** List-text: a dropdown select menu OR a "pick one of these options" radio button menu
    ** Long text: multiple lines of text
    ** Text: a single line of text
    ** Integer: a whole number
  5. Drag your field into the proper order using the cross-handles
  6. Click Save
  7. The next screens allow you to configure your field settings, such as "Required?" and "default value."  These screens differ based on what option you selected in Step 4.
  8. Refer to recorded webinar for more examples.