Importing Activities, Events, and Secret Codes

1) Visit to see the import options

2) Select the type of data you wish to import

3) On the import screen, you have the option to "download a template" spreadsheet to populate for importing.  If you've already created a spreadsheet, then you can use that instead.  If you use your own spreadsheet, you need to make sure your header row has the exact same columns as the template -- including spacing, spelling, and capitalization.

Title - the name of the Activity or Secret Code, visible in lists of Activities/Codes
Body - a description of the Activity or Code, visible when it is claimed
Points Awarded - the number of points to be awarded when the Activity or Code is claimed
eBadge Awarded - the badge ID number of the badge to award, as seen on the "Manage eBadges" page 

4) Upload your file using the "choose file" or "select file" widget at the bottom of the screen.

5) Click the Import button.

6) Confirm your Activities/Codes were imported successfully.  Edit each Activity/Code to put it in the proper program (Kids, Teens, etc.)