You can use Patron Search to do general reporting using any of the criteria on your Patron Search: Branch, Grade, School, etc.  Once you enter your search criteria, check the "Displaying 1-25 of 542" result counter at the bottom of the page to see the total number.

In addition, we've added the following searches/reports/tools:

Daily Activity Counts


This shows how many users earned points on any given day.  

Total Books/Pages/Minutes Read

SITENAME/staff/report/log-summarizer-minutes  <-- minutes read
SITENAME/staff/report/log-summarizer-pages   <-- pages read
SITENAME/staff/report/log-summarizer-books   <-- books read

Check this report before using and make sure the numbers match up with what you expect based on Patron Search totals, Prize Redemption totals, etc.  We've seen occasional data issues here.

Number of Badges Awarded (By Badge)

SITENAME/staff/badges-earned/all-branches   <-- all branches
SITENAME/staff/badges-earned/by-branch  <-- broken down by branch

This report offers a quick look at the most popular achievements: sign-ups, prize levels, activities, etc.  Available with "all branches" or "by branch."

Activities and Codes usage summary report


This report shows the most popular activities and codes and their number of uses.  You can sort by title to find a specific activity/code or leave the default sort-by-popularity.