Setting up Legal Terms & Conditions

The Legal Terms & Conditions (T&C) appear on the user sign-up forms.  Libraries are responsible for creating their own terms and conditions that comply with local, state, and federal law.  Consult with your library's counsel or city attorney with any questions.

When you change the T&C, the old version is saved and users must confirm they agree to the new T&C.  To minimize confusion, try to complete your T&C before your programs start, so users never see the "check new version" screen.

  • To modify your terms and conditions, visit SITENAME/admin/config/people/legal
  • Use the "Create New Version" section to enter your new T&C content
  • If you are using multiple languages on your website, you MUST select the appropriate language AND set the "Ask to Re-accept" option to "Language specific users (a revision)."
  • You can use the "Additional Checkboxes" to force users to agree to separate terms.  (It's simpler just to put everything in the main T&C field, though.)
  • "Explain Changes" is used if you do need to change your T&C during the program.  It allows you to give users a summary of your changes.

There are other T&C pages that are useful:

  • See previous versions of your T&C here: SITENAME/admin/config/people/legal/terms_history
  • Confirm which users have accepted the online T&C here: SITENAME/admin/config/people/legal/users
  • Confirm that all of your different languages' T&Cs are uniform here: SITENAME/admin/config/people/legal/languages