Preparing for RBD 2017

Interested in participating in CLA's 2017 Summer Reading Software Program?  Welcome aboard!  Participating libraries should take the following steps:

  1. JOIN THE ROSTER - Email to let Julianna and Jim know that you're interested in participating and to reserve a spot in the 2017 program.  We'll add you to our list and map of 2017 libraries.
  2. JOIN THE RBD WEBSITE - Each member of your Summer Reading planning/management team should register for an account on this site.
  3. JOIN THE LISTSERV - At least one member of your Summer Reading planning/management team should join our statewide listserv to stay posted on important announcements and training opportunities.
  4. COMPLETE THE PLANNING WORKSHEETS - Each participating library should begin completing the 2017 planning worksheets. Completed worksheets are due 12/15/2016.  
  5. SIGN & RETURN THE 2017 AGREEMENT - One representative from your library will need to review and sign the CLA RBD Policies and Practices Agreement 2017.  An original signature is required. Please sign and return to the address noted on the form. Due 12/30/2016.

Please send all questions to