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    2022 Certificates Available: Six New Styles!

    sample certificate #5

    We're pleased to show off our 2022 completion certificates, which can be automatically generated for your patrons!  We have six styles to choose from, and you can choose multiple styles so that you can award different types of certificates to different programs.  This year we also have a black-and-white-only template for libraries that aren't using color printers!  Our 2022 hosting partner libraries can also use their own certificate templates.

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    iREAD 2022 Badges Now Available!

    example badges

    We're very pleased to announce that our partnership with iREAD continues, and we'd like to thank them for allowing us to provide these iREAD "Read Beyond The Beaten Path" badges for the 2022 Summer Reading season!  These badges will be available for use by any iREAD-eligible library using BookPoints.

    This year, there are the usual four age-based sets of badges: Pre-Reader, Kids/Elementary, Teen, Adult/All-Ages -- plus a cool new fifth set exploring different genres of books!  Check them all out!

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    2022 iREAD Banners

    Once again, we'd like to thank our partners at iREAD who have graciously donated their digital assets again so that we can produce digital banners and badge sets that match the iREAD theme.  These badges and banners are only for use by our iREAD-partner libraries.    
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    Bermuda National Library Selects "BookPoints" App for 2021 Summer Reading Program

    The Bermuda National Library has selected and implemented The Galecia Group's "BookPoints" summer reading application software for the 2021 summer reading season.  The Bermuda National Library is the public library service for the territory's 63,000 residents, and the summer reading program, "Tails & Tales," will be aimed at the approximately 10,000 youth who live on the islands.

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    2021 iREAD Badges

    Thanks to iREAD for graciously partnering with The BookPoints project again this year, allowing us to pre-load 2021 badges for Pre-Readers, Kids, Teens, and Adults!  Reading Colors Your World!

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