About The BookPoints Project

The BookPoints Project develops open source software that public libraries use to run summer reading programs and contests.  Our goals:
  • develop open source software that will help public libraries build and manage full-featured summer reading program websites;
  • provide an affordable managed hosting environment for libraries that need hosting assistance;
  • provide libraries with support, training, and other resources to help maximize summer reading successes; 
  • build a community of librarians and technologists devoted to advancing the software and supporting each other's efforts.

The BookPoints application:

  • provides an engaging, mobile-friendly interface for patrons of all ages;
  • allows librarians to customize multiple programs for various age and reading groups;
  • offers gamification incentives, such as points and online badges;
  • offers an in-person prize redemption process for claiming prizes;
  • offers a raffle / drawing feature for end-of-year or monthly drawings;
  • provides a variety of reports analyzing readers and activities;
The BookPoints Project is sponsored and managed by The Galecia Group with support from participating libraries.