BookPoints Orientation

We've prepared a detailed checklist of what to expect over the next several weeks.  The following process will help you create accounts on our support website, register for training classes, and customize your summer reading program website!

Who? What? Where?

Identify who will be participating on your Summer Reading Setup Team. 

This is usually 1-2 people in a small library system and can be up to half a dozen people in a large library system.

Your Library!
ONE member of Setup Team ONE member of the Setup Team will complete the 2020 On-boarding form on behalf of their library.  This form provides some basic information about your program, such as your preferred URL.  It will allow us to identify every library setup team member and confirm that they are authorized to request support from us.
BookPoints Support Team We will create your website at your preferred URL, e.g., We will email the administrator username and password to the Setup Team. Your BookPoints site, e.g.,
Setup Team Print out the 2020 Planning Worksheets and work together to complete them.
Setup Team Read the BookPoints documentation
Setup Team At least one librarian from each library -- preferably all setup team members -- should sign up for the "Info for 2020 Hosting Clients" mailing list to stay informed of important updates, training opportunities, and new website features.
Setup Team Begin setting up your summer reading websites, contacting us for assistance as needed.  We'll work with you to make sure your site is ready and your staff trained before your program "goes live!" Your BookPoints site, e.g.,
Setup Team Got questions?  Visit our support page to contact us via phone, email, or web chat!