Download the Book Points software

BookPoints 2019 Beta1 released!  Download below!

The Book Points software is free and open source software based on the Drupal platform.  You can download and run the software on your own (Linux/Apache/MySQL) server. We strongly recommend that you have experience installing and administering Drupal before proceeding.  You can also choose to have us host your summer site.

  1. Untar the download file
  2. Import the bookpoints*.sql file into an empty MySQL database
  3. Copy the public_html/ folder contents into your web root or public_html folder, including hidden files and folders such as .htaccess
  4. Copy the private folder adjacent to public_html
  5. Edit your sites/default/settings.php file to include the proper credentials for your MySQL database
  6. Visit your site; default username is admin, default password is 'BookPoints99!' (no quotes). 
  7. Change the default email address and password for the admin user (/user/1/edit).
  8. Change the default site email address (/admin/config/system/site-information).
  9. Confirm the site's folder settings (/admin/config/media/file-system) reflect your file system's folder locations.
  10. Change the default email address on the site's "Ask a Question" webform settings (/node/28/webform/emails/1).
  11. Configure outgoing email settings (/admin/config/system/smtp).
  12. Recommended: enable the 'update' module and check for security updates; apply as needed.
  13. Configure the Registration Opening and Closing Dates and the Program Start and End Dates.

Refer to BookPoints Documentation for additional configuration and customization steps.