May 2020: You Still Have Time for Online Summer Reading!

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Due to widespread closures, many libraries are moving to online summer reading programs for the first time and are concerned about the time constraints required to set up their websites.  Here's some helpful information from the BookPoints team:

  • We can have your site online tomorrow!  Once you sign up for the BookPoints community hosting program, we'll immediately begin setting up your website and associated email and DNS services.  You should be ready to login and start customizing your website the following business day.
  • Learn how to customize your site to match your unique programs!  Our online documentation and training calendar provide tons of opportunities for learning how to customize your site.  Create different programs and prizes for your community and keep everyone reading!
  • Real-time Zoom and phone support available Monday through Saturday!  We're working as hard as you are to get your summer reading program websites up and running as soon as possible!  Schedule training and/or support calls six days a week.  Get advice on everything from digital badges to program design from our experienced library technologists.
  • So how long?  You should be able to launch your completed, customized summer reading program within three to six days of signing up!  Contact us now for more information.