New Feature: "Protected Modes" During Spring Setup

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Librarians have asked multiple times if there is a way to "protect" their BookPoints application and keep it private during the spring setup phase.  Especially for libraries who have used the software before, sometimes eager readers visit the app while it's broken or full of test data.  We want to keep those users away from the site until the library chooses to launch it.

We've made a few significant changes behind the scene which should make your spring setup phase more secure.

  • "Protected Mode" - by default, the 2019 version is deployed behind a simple password.  Before visitors even see the home page, they are asked for a username and password.  After they authenticate, they can visit the site as normal.  This is NOT intended for everyday use -- it's only to be used during the spring setup phase to prevent patrons from trying to register early.
  •  Registration Button On/Off - Some libraries want to close down registration after a few weeks to ensure that all participants in the program have enough time in the program to continue.  In 2019, we can set the date time to turn registration on/off automatically.
  • Access Reader Dashboard On/Off - Some libraries want to open registration for a few weeks before allowing patrons to enter their data on the Reader Dashboard.  Our new interface allows you to set the date and time when your Reader Dashboard should be visibel to you.

Let us know if you have any questions!