New "reCAPTCHA" anti-spam feature available

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A few libraries so far have reported that spam-bots have been creating accounts on their site and attempting to submit book reviews.  (As you know, the Book Review feature can't be used for spamming, because librarians must approve any post before it goes public.  Nevertheless, the spam-bots keep trying. :-)

The BookPoints app has a "reCAPTCHA" option that we can enable to help prevent spammers from creating an account.  (This is the feature you've probably seen on other websites where you must click the picture of motorcycles or storefronts to confirm your humanity.)

We disable this feature by default because some users don't like CAPTCHAs and others have difficulty with them, despite the accessibility and audio options.  However, we're happy to enable this feature for you upon request.  (Please just keep an eye and an ear out for patrons that might be struggling so they can be assisted.)

To have CAPTCHA enabled on your site, just email with your site URL and request that we enable CAPTCHA.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We hope your summer reading programs are going well!