New Site Launch Options for Hosting Partners

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Hi BookPoints Libraries!

We've had some questions from new libraries about launching their new sites, and we wanted to let you know about a couple of new ways that we can help!

Site Shield - This feature allows us to completely hide your entire site - even the front page and signup form - behind a secure user/password form so that nobody can see ANYTHING on the site without your permission.  This is mainly useful for returning libraries that have curious patrons eager to check out this year's updated summer reading app.  By enabling the shield, only your staff will be able to see and test the site during development.  When we disable the shield, your site will be fully visible to the public.

Disable Registration Button - Upon request, we can disable your site's "Register" button so that anyone visiting the site will see your home page welcome message but not be able to register.  This might be useful if your site URL was publicized before you are ready to support patron registration.  We re-enable your site's registration button on a certain day and time to allow your patrons to sign up.

Disable Logging - Upon request, we can disable the Reader Dashboard.  This is useful if you'd like to allow readers to register but NOT log reading until a certain day and time.  Readers who register before the Logging Begins date will successfully register and then see a customizable message telling them to come back on a certain day to begin logging their summer reading.

Interested in enabling one or more of these options?  Please fill out a support request at or call/chat/Zoom us to discuss.

Please reach out if there is anything that we can do to help make your summer reading program a success!


--The BookPoints Team :-)