Public Shield Function

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Many of you have asked for the ability to "hide" your site from the public until you're ready to launch it, to keep the eager beavers from signing up early before you launch.  In previous years, we had some workarounds for "locking" your site but they weren't very friendly.
We now have a "public shield" mode in BookPoints that you can use to keep the site accessible only to your setup team until you are ready to launch.
1) Visit Admin > Configuration > System > Shield (or
2) There is only ONE checkbox on the Shield Settings page you need to look at, the very first one: "Enable shield module."  If you check that box and then Save the page, your site will be shielded.  You and your fellow setup admins will need to use this username and password to access your site:
username: REMOVED
password: REMOVED

3) [Optional] You can change the default username/password for the Shield on that page by scrolling down to the "Credentials" section and entering your own username and password.
To disable the shield and make your site available to the public, just visit the URL page in step 1 and UNcheck the "enable shield module" box, then save the settings page.