Book Lists

2019 Documentation Preview

cover page of 2019 Planning Workbook and Setup GuideThe 2019 Planning Workbook and Setup Guide draft preview is now available for download.  This printable 82-page guide contains everything you need to know to plan, build, and support your BookPoints application.  Once this documentation is finalized, we'll update the website documentation to reflect this year's changes.  Feedback is welcome - please submit documentation feedback using the "Support" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The internal module we have for book lists does not function as intended at this time. There are a few options for how libraries can handle the book list feature.

OPTION 1 - Create a Custom Book List Page

Example: San Jose Public Library chose to edit their page and create bulleted lists which link to lists they created in their catalog. This is straightforward since the links just go to destinations in their catalog.

screenshot of the linked page

Another way to customize the Book Lists page can be seen at Napa County's website. They link to PDF book lists.

screenshot of Napa's website

Here's another example at Thousand Oaks that uses images instead of text links.


OPTION 2 - Creating a link to an external book list page (Admins)

Another option would be to create an external link to a page of book lists on your library website. See San Rafaels' example which links to this page on their site 


OPTION 3 - Hide the feature (Admins)

As a final option, you can just hide the tab entirely!

In order to do Option 2 or Option 3 you would have to have Admin privileges. You can see the documentation page Working with Menus and Tabs for details on how to do this.