Setup Section 1: Initial Website and Program Setup

2019 Documentation Preview

cover page of 2019 Planning Workbook and Setup GuideThe 2019 Planning Workbook and Setup Guide draft preview is now available for download.  This printable 82-page guide contains everything you need to know to plan, build, and support your BookPoints application.  Once this documentation is finalized, we'll update the website documentation to reflect this year's changes.  Feedback is welcome - please submit documentation feedback using the "Support" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To change the Site name or Slogan (the tagline under the site name), visit: Alternative menu path: Admin menu > Configuration > System > Site Information.

Type in your new Site name and Slogan. The examples below show the site name: Book Points  and the Slogan: tagline goes here. 

Do not change the site-wide email address in the E-mail address field. This is the "from:" address for any automated messages that the site sends to users, e.g., password resets.  If you have a custom domain for your application, BookPoints Support may need to change this for you.

Site name and e-mail address are required fields, while Slogan is optional. 

Click the the SAVE CONFIGURATION button at the bottom of the page when done.