Add or Edit Prizes

2019 Documentation Preview

cover page of 2019 Planning Workbook and Setup GuideThe 2019 Planning Workbook and Setup Guide draft preview is now available for download.  This printable 82-page guide contains everything you need to know to plan, build, and support your BookPoints application.  Once this documentation is finalized, we'll update the website documentation to reflect this year's changes.  Feedback is welcome - please submit documentation feedback using the "Support" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Adding Prizes

  • From the Setup Menu, select Prizes
  • Click the Add Prize button
  • Name your prize in the Title field
  • Add an optional Prize Description 
  • Skip the Program Reference field (unless you already have your Programs set up and are going back to add additional prizes)
  • Add a Prize Message (the user will see this)
  • Click the "Save" button

 You can also import prizes from a spreadsheet

To edit prizes at a later time, click Prizes in the Setup menu then the Edit button. 

Please Note:  There is no DELETE PRIZE option available, so add your prizes carefully. If you end up with a prize you don't need, simply re-name it Don't Use or similar in the Title and Prize Message fields (required)  and make sure to delete any program reference. If this changes, we will update. Thanks!

 Deleting a Prize

We hide the Delete capability to make it harder for Prizes to be accidentally deleted.

To delete a Prize, you must login with your admin account.  Then visit:

This page lists all of your Prizes.  This page has tabs at the top, including "EDIT" and "DELETE" -- do NOT click these tabs.  Do NOT click the CAPITAL "EDIT" or "DELETE" tabs.

Instead, look in the list -- each row has a lowercase "edit" and "delete" link for each individual Prize.  Use THESE "delete" links to delete a Prize.