iREAD 2022 Badges Now Available!

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We're very pleased to announce that our partnership with iREAD continues, and we'd like to thank them for allowing us to provide these iREAD "Read Beyond The Beaten Path" badges for the 2022 Summer Reading season!  These badges will be available for use by any iREAD-eligible library using BookPoints.

This year, there are the usual four age-based sets of badges: Pre-Reader, Kids/Elementary, Teen, Adult/All-Ages -- plus a cool new fifth set exploring different genres of books!  Check them all out!


2020 iREAD Banners - Set 2

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iREAD logoThanks to the fine folks at iREAD, we're happy to release these BookPoints banners for iREAD-participating libraries!  If your patrons are going to Read, Investigate, Discover, get them started with a banner matching your iREAD materials!  (And make sure you get the 2020 iREAD Digital Badge collection for your site as well!)

We have a variety of banners, including some with blank space where you can include your library's name or logo.  (Try Canva or Google Drawings if you need a quick online tool for adding text to an image!)

Thanks again, iREAD!