Building a Summer Reading Program

In this section of the documentation, we'll explore how to actually build the summer reading program itself within BookPoints.  In fact, we'll build a few programs, because most libraries run multiple programs during the summer -- typically, these are programs intended for Pre-Readers, Children, Teens, and Adults.  (Note: you don't have to build multiple programs -- some libraries just run one single program that serves their entire patron base without breaking the patrons down by age group.  Some libraries also run more than four programs, such as including extra programs for non-English speakers, senior citizens, or other groups.)

In a traditional summer reading program, readers read and/or complete library activities to accumulate prizes or raffle tickets. Summer reading programs such as these can be described simply:

  • "Pre-Reader Program: Log 500 Minutes This Summer to Earn a Prize"
  • "Teen Program: Read 5 books to earn a raffle ticket to win a prize.  Read 5 more books to earn a second raffle ticket and a free book from our Teen Bookshelf."

In BookPoints, readers read and/or complete library activities to:

  • earn "points" toward a summer reading goal, such as "Read 10 Books" or "Read for 500 Minutes This Summer," along with inspirational messages such as "You're halfway to your goal!"
  • earn "digital badges" to reward their progress, similar to video games
  • earn raffle/drawing tickets for weekly, monthly, or end-of-summer prize drawings
  • earn actual prizes, to be claimed at the library in-person

In other words, you can keep the same programs you already use -- but you can "enhance" them with additional online features!