Program Planning Worksheets

Now that we've discussed the building blocks of Programs - Points and Levels - with some simple example programs, let's build your programs!

We provide a Planning Worksheet template that you can use to document your summer reading programs.  Using the Planning Worksheet makes creating your programs easier: you can quickly create each "Level" of your program by referring to your completed Planning Worksheets.  Create one worksheet for each Program that you will be creating.

Let's look at an example program.  It's more complex than the example programs we looked at earlier, but more realistic:

  • Kids Program
  • Each minute = 1 point
  • Goal is reading 600 Minutes
  • After 600 Minutes have been logged, the Reader has earned Prize #1 and a raffle ticket.
  • For every 60 points/minutes, we award one digital badge.  We also display a congratulatory message to the Reader.
  • Award a raffle ticket after the Reader logs 300 minutes.
  • Provide a bonus level after the main goal: when a Reader has logged 900 minutes, award an additional "Bonus Badge" and an additional bonus raffle ticket.

This may seem like a lot, but laying this plan out in a planning worksheet will show how easy it is to structure.  In the image below, you can see the program name and that we are tracking "Minutes Read" (instead of Books, Pages, Hours, etc.).  We then proceed to lay out each Level, awarding digital badges, raffle tickets, prizes, and congratulatory messages:

sample planning worksheet image

More information about using the Planning Worksheets is available in the included instruction document.  For additional questions, contact BookPoints Support.